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What is Equal Access to Motherhood℠

When a woman has Equal Access to Motherhood℠, she’s:

Supported with easy-to-access care in pregnancy and beyond

Confident to raise her child, choose to foster, or choose adoption 

Empowered to become the type of mom she most aspires to be

Equipped to pursue motherhood AND career, college, or dreams

Because until a woman feels fully supported to embrace motherhood, only then will she feel free to truly choose

It’s ok to be a mom.

But not all women have that choice.

Many have fought for life by changing laws. We, also, welcomed landmark legal victories, celebrating the protection of life and the end of abortion.

But here’s what happened: Abortion rates rose.

Bans and restrictions increased demand for women caught in the middle, struggling to make ends meet with jobs that don’t support pregnant women and moms.

As an organization, we saw the need  to create a mom friendly work environment with maternity leave, flexible schedules, and wellness programs for in-office and remote staff.

Along the way, we saw something remarkable happen:
When women on our team can fully embrace motherhood, they help us accomplish so much more than we thought possible.

That’s the power of REAL choice.

REAL choice empowers every woman to be a mom. It
gives her access to the practical support she needs to become the type of mom— whether through raising her child, choosing adoption, or fostering—she most
aspires to be.

It doesn’t force her to choose between motherhood and career, or college, or long-held dreams.

Because until a woman feels fully supported to embrace becoming a mom, only then will she have REAL choice.

That’s Equal Access to Motherhood℠ for all women, including those with the least access.

It brings vital support—whether medical, material, emotional, or spiritual— directly to women with the least access to care.
It offers the highest standard of care for every woman, showing her honor and dignity regardless of choice.

Equal Access to Motherhood℠ is not a lofty aspiration.
It is our daily work—and always will be: to meet women where they are, support their needs, and serve them well so that every woman has REAL choice.

Together, we can provide all women with Equal Access to Motherhood℠.

Join the movement for every woman… for every mom.

Diane Ferraro

Adopted, Foster/Adoptive Mom, and CEO of Save the Storks

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